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July 2016

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medicinal plant, herbal medicine

I never thought about herbs as anything but flavour boosters when cooking.  But actually, herbs aren’t just good in food. Many herbs are potent medicinal plants. The ones with Latin names ending in ‘officinalis’ have a long history of great healing power.  I wish I had woken up to that a little earlier when I planted my garden!  Oh Well! Better late than never….and apparently it’s not too late to plant this season.


medicinal plants, herbal medicine, vegetable garden, mother and sonOn mother’s day, my son Alex and I planted a bunch of veggies and herbs in our backyard including mint and basil.   For some reason, the basil plant is going gangbusters, but, the mint….not so much. Bizarre considering the fact that mint often takes over your garden since it grows like a weed!  It turns out that mint doesn’t like to be beside basil.  This, according to my herbal medicine teacher.  Who knew? Continue Reading