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June 2016



Chakras & Energy healing; energy medicine

Our bodies are quite miraculous with the capacity to heal despite all the abuse, stress, sleep deprivation and junky food we eat.   But sometimes the craziness of life interferes with our bodies’ natural capacity to be healthy and well.   

 Growing up as the daughter of a pediatrician, Western medicine is something I have benefited from and believe in.  If, heaven forbid, I was ever to contract a serious illness, I would most definitely be marching straight to my doctor and the field of conventional medicine to get me well.   But, that might not be all I would be doing. 

 I just wrapped up a course at the Institute for Holistic Nutrition that I LOVED and found SO inspiring that I wanted to share some of the things I learned with you.   The course was about energy pathways to health and how electrical, electromagnetic and ‘subtle’ energies give our bodies life AND they form the foundation of our health.  Continue Reading